SIPPING FROM THE NILE My Exodus from Egypt

This story speaks to a different wave of immigrants and tells the American Jewish story viewed through an unfamiliar lens.

As always, it is a story of lost worlds and difficult transitions, and the innocence of childhood in a world about to break apart.

It is also about an essentially Sephardic experience, about the price and consequences of colonialism in the Middle East, about exotic locales and strong family values.

The Suez crisis of 1956/​57 essentially powers this memoir both personally and historically. It is a profoundly topical story, little known, but it holds the kernel of much of the subsequent turbulent history in the Middle East.

The lush descriptions of foods and customs, houses, landscapes, events and people, caused a seasoned reviewer to write of this book, "It's obvious that your writing talent was waiting for this subject..."


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