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Suggested Topics for Discussion

- Should a memoir be linear?

- Do you read memoir most for historical context or to enter another's life story?

- In Sipping from the Nile, would you prefer the family trees at the beginning or the end ?

- Please suggest other topics for discussion

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I am only half way through this lovely book. obtained on kindle just to browse at first.It is so nice to read about someone who had such a wealthy happy alternative to those books telling you about their half starved beaten background. I love reading about the way her lovely numerous family are decribed with such love. Her experience of Rodean school. so unconciously posh is this lovely jean naggar.I am only 63% through the book. Kathryn Turner email

I don't feel it should be linear, but flashbacks and forward should be clearly linked to an overall arc.
Janice from New York

A successful memoir reaches beyond historic, generational and geographic boundaries to touch the universal heart of human experience, but it needs to be rooted in a historical and time context to have as well as personal experience.

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho


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